Chasing a bit of respite.......Why Spoons?

I have always found peaceful solitude through engaging with my natural surroundings; from the cold open expanse of Dartmoor to bring perspective when things seem too big, to the warm embrace of the woodland to ground me when needed. I often struggle with the busier side of modern life, and need to productively escape it for my own physical and mental wellbeing. 

In 2014, I began carving spoons. I quickly fell in love with all aspects of the process; finding material on the woodland floor whilst wandering the countryside, using an axe to create a billet and blank, creative imagination to inform where to remove wood, and the careful refining of the emerging spoon towards its final form. The aim was never anything other than to continue enjoying the simple pleasure of carving, yet before long it became an integral part of who I am and what I do. 

I live in Devon. My primary job is within the Outdoor Education and Outdoor Training sector, specifically around Forest School where I manage a team of wonderful folks who bring the benefits of the woodland to all ages. It was here where I first began teaching the craft of Spoon-carving to adults and children alike.  I studied Music at University, and play the guitar almost daily. I just want to find balance and keep finding pleasure in the simple things.  

I hugely appreciate the interest that people have shown my work, and hope you enjoy looking through the creations of Murphy's Spoon. 

Warm Wishes, Nick Murphy.